Gene Ontology Analysis - Upload Data

The Gene Ontology Consortium is a major initiative to provide a controlled hierarchical vocabulary of terms for describing genes and their encoded products in terms of their Molecular functions; Biological processes and Cellular compartments.
A Gene Ontology (GO) over-representation analysis (ORA) examines a gene/protein list for the occurrence of GO annotation terms which are more prevalent in the dataset than expected by chance.
Annotations that occur more frequently than expected in a gene list can be identified, and may point towards a biological process or pathway that is being differentially regulated in the condition of interest.
In InnateDB, GO annotation is supplemented by enhanced annotation about which genes have a published role in innate immunity. For further information on this enhanced innate immunity annotation please click here.

To do a GO Analysis, first upload a tab-delimited text file or Excel spreadsheet (.xls files only) of gene/protein identifiers (human, mouse or cow only) and any associated quantitative data (e.g. gene expression data fold-changes and p-values) from up to 10 conditions/time-points. Please see our help page if you are unsure how to do this and to see what IDs are accepted.

Once you have a list of gene annotations associated with your gene/protein list - click on the red "Gene Ontology ORA" button at the top of the page.

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