A javascript layout plugin for Cytoscape.js

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CerebralWeb is a light-weight JavaScript plug-in that extends Cytoscape.js to enable fast and interactive visualisation of molecular interaction networks stratified based on subcellular localisation or other custom annotation. The application is designed to be easily integrated into any website and is configurable to customise the network visualisation. CerebralWeb also supports the automatic retrieval of compatible localisations for human, mouse and bovine genes via a Web Service and also supports the automated parsing of Cytoscape compatible XGMML network files. CerebralWeb currently supports embedded network visualisation on InnateDB and the Allergy and Asthma Portal webpages.
To begin using CerebralWeb see Get Started. To learn a bit more about CerebralWeb see our editable Demo page and the Subcellular localisation information page. To further customize your visualizations see the Options page.

Browser Compatibility

Developed and tested to ensure it works with current versions of major browsers.